April 3, 2023

45 – Sound Pack with Jürgen Branz

I had the pleasure to team up with Jürgen again:
and create a second pack with even more sounds.

Join me in April 2023 and get the pack fro free. After that it will cost 49€.

I hope to see you in April.


March 2, 2023

44 – Train your own AI & Motion Punk

Hello everyone and welcome!

This is the teaser for March. In which I will talk about how to train your own AI and in addition Thanos created some nice stuff.


And here is his Patreon channel:

January 2, 2023

42 – Continuing with the Workshop

Hello everyone,

First of all I wish everyone a happy new year!

And now here is also the teaser for January. Basically I am just continuing with my workshop.


December 2, 2022

41 – Teaser for December

Hello everyone, this is a special teaser for December.

In this month I´ve made a workshop with lots of different tutorials for you to learn.

In the first part I´ll tell you a bit about myself, after that we will start with how to set up your default scene. After that we´ll learn simple techniques to wrap up things and rebuild the vacuum cleaner from one of my older posts.

The workshop is split into the several parts, I hope you enjoy the first part of the winter special!


November 1, 2022

40 – Teaser for November

Hello everyone, this is the teaser for November.

In this month we will look into simulation and look development.

In the first part we´ll rebuild an old project with the new engine and in the second part we´ll dive deeper into color composition, shading and lighting.


September 29, 2022

Teaser – Patreon Birthday, Texture Pack, Feedback & more

Hello everyone,

this is a special teaser, because my Patreon anniversary is next month. I can't believe that I am doing this already for 3years now, what an intensive ride. I have learned so much over the time and I had so many great messages and meetings with you. Thanks for all the wonderful support!

As a gift I am currently working on a big texture pack, I even had help by Teresa .
Besides from that I am working on some little extras (for example another feedback video).

Cheers and thanks

August 23, 2022

38 – Teaser for September

Hello everyone, this is the teaser for September.

In this month I´ll show you how I made the Volumes from the movie Legacy Waste which I´ve created with Vitaly Grossmann. And we´ll also talk about how to make an income as an artist.


July 25, 2022

37 – Teaser for August

Hello everyone, this is the teaser for August.

In this month Zak will explain his approach to exterior stillife artworks.

He will explain us how his approach for modelling, lighting and shading will be and in the second part he will show us a lot about the post procution in After Effects and Photoshop.


June 22, 2022

36 – Teaser for July

Hello everyone, this is the teaser for July.

In the July month I wanna talk about a lot of things.

The main topic will be AI, furthermore I´ll add a bonus video for the cloth simulation which i did last month and the last topic will be another feedback round, this time with Berk Budal.



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