200 Objects
Model Pack

200 Desginy Objects Pack - Ready for some squishy fun!

Introducing my new Model Pack.

Whether you're working on 3D animations, illustrations, or graphic designs, the pack provides you with some unique shapes for your creations.

The 200 abstract objects are:

✨ UV-Unwrapped & Quad-Based
✨ Ready for Animation
✨ Optimized for Softbody Simulations in C4D, but usable in any 3D programm!
✨ Good-Polycount. Not too high not to low.

I hope you can enjoy this model pack and I wish you lots of fun!

Thanks for your support 🙏


Use Them Freely: 
Feel free to use these models in your personal and commercial projects. Just a heads up though, redistributing or reselling the pack is off-limits. (Copyright 2024)
Got Questions? Need Help?
If you need assistance or have any questions, drop me a line at mail@vsk.world or join our Discord community. I’m here to help.

Download and Start Creating: 
Ready to give them a try? You can download the model pack right now and start experimenting.
Thanks for checking this out, and happy creating!
P.S. If cost is an issue, don’t hesitate to reach out directly. I’m more than happy to discuss options with you.




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